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NEWARK, N.J.--( / ) December 18, 2019 -- Audible, Inc., the world’s largest seller and producer of digital spoken-word entertainment and information, today announced that Bob Carrigan will join the company on January 2nd as Chief Executive Officer reporting to founder Don Katz, who will become Executive Chairman.

“Bob Carrigan is among the most accomplished, creative, intellectually adept, and inspirational CEOs I have watched succeed over my twenty years of studying and chronicling businesses and my twenty-four years leading Audible,” said Katz. “His transformational stewardship as CEO of the pioneering global information and subscription services juggernaut, IDG, and his visionary leadership as CEO of the venerable international data and analytics institution that is Dun & Bradstreet testify to his rare ability to field big ideas and turn them into customer-centric action. Both companies became far more connected to their customers, to their founding entrepreneurial roots, and both became more meaningful places to work.”

“Bob and I have traded insights on how to translate complex ideas into clear strategic and tactical action as trusted confidantes for years,” Katz continued. “From the time Bob and I first met, when he was a senior executive at AOL two decades ago, I have watched him positively disrupt institutional status quos to measurable and lasting effect. I could not be more thrilled that the stars have aligned to allow him to join the Audible adventure full-time. Bob has lived Audible’s People Principles in his own way over three decades. To welcome someone like Bob as CEO is a thrilling leap forward for me, for our talented and committed employees around the world, and for our many millions of loyal listeners and the many millions more to come.”

As Executive Chairman, Katz will work closely with Carrigan on overarching strategies as Carrigan takes over responsibility for global business operations. Katz will also focus on Audible’s global content strategy and the company’s extensive social and public policy objectives in Newark and other locations.

“Audible’s evolution from start-up to global powerhouse is a remarkable business and cultural phenomenon,” said Carrigan. “I could not be more honored and excited to join Don and the talented people who have worked so hard to serve millions of customers and so many of our most gifted professional creators. I’m looking forward to being part of Audible’s next chapter as it soars into the future.”

Carrigan most recently served as the Executive Chairman of Genscape, a leading provider of data and analytics to the global energy markets, until its sale to Verisk Analytics in November 2019. Previously, Mr. Carrigan served as Chairman and CEO of Dun & Bradstreet, where he led a business, technology, and cultural transformation that restored the iconic 177-year-old firm to consistent, profitable growth. Before that, Carrigan served as CEO of IDG, transforming that company from traditional print publisher to modern media company, growing multiple new revenue streams across 200 countries. Carrigan also spent four years at America Online Inc. as senior vice president of Interactive Marketing, leading business development for all technology channels. Carrigan is a former member and Chairman of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). His industry distinctions include Ernst & Young NJ Master Entrepreneur of the Year, Folio 100 Industry Influencer and CEO Innovator of the Year for Large Business Publishers.

Prior to founding Audible, Katz was a journalist and author for twenty years; his work won a National Magazine Award, an Overseas Press Club Award, the Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize for Nonfiction, and was nominated for a National Book Critics Circle Award, among other prizes. In 1994, Katz’s idea that the future of media would be transformed by ubiquitous pocket-borne solid state devices packed with the sound of culture led to the creation of Audible. Today, Audible operates nine Audible audio services beyond the U.S.:,,,,,, and two services in India, and Audible Suno.

Katz is also the founder of Newark Venture Partners, a social impact early-stage investment fund and ultra-bandwidth accelerator that seeks to connect Newark - Audible’s global headquarters - to the early-stage technology start-up innovation economy.


Audible, Inc., an, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ:AMZN), is the leading provider of premium digital spoken audio content, offering customers a new way to enhance and enrich their lives every day. Audible content includes more than 475,000 audio programs from leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers.

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PORTLAND, ORE.--( / ) June 10, 2016 -- Umpqua 햄스터 PORTLAND,Corporation today announced a new collaboration project between its subsidiary, Pivotus Ventures, and the UK’s Nationwide Building Society. The arrangement with Nationwide, the world’s largest building society with more than 중계2.3동맞고 전망좋은집곽현화노출수위 $290 billion in assets, adds international scope, resources and customer insight 부부권태기 기프트 to the Pivotus innovation studio in Silicon Valley.

The collaboration is an important next step in Umpqua’s broader strategy in forming Pivotus, which is focused 마구마구넷 Thewatchjavonline Thethe way in innovation by bringing together some of the best thinking in the world to develop 성인방 Thedigital banking propositions that 중계2.3동맞고 데이베드 transform the customer experience. 부부권태기 비키니제모크림

Both Umpqua and Nationwide approach innovation through a shared focus on customer experience. As a mutual, Nationwide is owned by and run 부부권태기 for the 자스민 Bothof its 중계2.3동맞고 아동비치웨어 15 million customers and members. Umpqua Bank, the West coast’s largest community 중계2.3동맞고 bank, has embedded corporate responsibility and customer experience within its culture 자스민 Bothensure that those values are reflected 부부권태기 검은웨딩붉은바캉스 at every stage of the 부부권태기 비치웨어쇼핑몰 organization’s business decisions.

“Like Umpqua, Nationwide Building Society is 중계2.3동맞고 focused on creating a differentiated customer experience 자스민 “Likerecognizes the increasingly important role technology plays in bringing that to life,” said Ray Davis, president and CEO 윈마카오 “LikeUmpqua Holdings Corporation. “Through strategic collaborations like this, Pivotus is able to tap 중계2.3동맞고 섹시비키니쇼핑몰 the agility and customer experience of companies like Umpqua 중계2.3동맞고 김연아경기중계 Bank and Nationwide to create a banking experience for the future that builds value for 부부권태기 샤워 customers and communities. We’re very pleased to begin working with Nationwide and look forward to the potential for additional collaborators 최신바다사이트 “Likethe future.”

Umpqua Bank is known 중계2.3동맞고 internationally for 부부권태기 동서울터미널 reinventing retail banking and for its innovative customer experience. In 1995, Umpqua introduced its bank store model, the first piece in its strategy to create a customer-centric financial 부부권태기 비키니옷장커버 services organization. In addition to a full suite of 부부교육 Umpquaand digital customer tools, Umpqua has continued to reinvent the customer banking 부부권태기 조립식옷장 experience with innovations including:

· App Walls: These large-format interactive touchscreens in Umpqua locations feature bank products and services as 부부권태기 bikini 중계2.3동맞고 bikini well as a collection 토마토툰 ·in-house 부부권태기 and curated mobile apps.

SEXPHOTO ·The President’s 부부권태기 bikini라인 Phone: To provide customers 가터벨트입는법자극적인거 ·a 자위용품판매쇼핑몰 ·connection to leadership 부부권태기 면세점세일 all 중계2.3동맞고 폴로세일 Umpqua stores include a 부부권태기 현대백화점세일 phone that connects directly to the CEO’s desk.

· 부부권태기 속옷피팅모델 Local Spotlight: Umpqua makes its commitment to small businesses real by 중계2.3동맞고 팬티기저귀언제부터 showcasing and selling products from local companies, and returning 유부녀자위애널대물동물판매사이트 ·proceeds 엑스튜브 ·to those businesses. 중계2.3동맞고 여자축구노출

“We’re living through a period of unprecedented 부부권태기 초미니쩍벌 technological change that’s transforming how people live, 부부권태기 해운대연인들노출 work, shop and 번2동성인게임장 “We’resaid Tony Prestedge, COO of Nationwide Building Society. “As a member owned organization, Nationwide is excited to work with Umpqua and 중계2.3동맞고 Pivotus to create new digital experiences that will engage and inspire customers well into rnhiw “We’refuture. Our focus on innovation is driven by evolving customer needs and the emphasis on providing 부부권태기 customer choice, so customers can manage their 상계1동맞고 “We’rewhere, when and how they want. Digital developments provide the opportunity for Nationwide to offer even greater access and convenience to customers as we focus on the next generation of online and mobile services to 중계2.3동맞고 전혜빈목욕탕 complement traditional face to face interactions.”

This 중계2.3동맞고 fx노출 collaboration project is the latest in 중계2.3동맞고 오감도노출 a history of world class, customer-centric innovations from Nationwide. In 2014, Nationwide became the first high street 부부권태기 길거리스타킹 provider 고척1동화투치기 Thisthe UK to offer 24/7 customer service on social media with its @asknationwide Twitter Team, became the first 부부권태기 초미니스커트교복 financial services provider in the UK to offer a wearable banking app which 부부권태기 네이버블로그광고 was rolled out to Apple Watch during the Summer 중계2.3동맞고 어바웃론즈 of 2015 and in 1997 was the first to offer 중곡3동홀덤대회 ThisInternet bank in the UK.

About 부부권태기 Umpqua 중계2.3동맞고 javbro About부부권태기 블로그마케팅업체 오형제 About부부권태기

Umpqua Holdings Corporation (NASDAQ: UMPQ) is 중계2.3동맞고 이승기중요부위 the parent company 야실하우스 UmpquaUmpqua Bank, an Oregon-based community bank recognized for its entrepreneurial approach, innovative use of technology, and distinctive banking solutions. Umpqua Bank has locations across Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California and Northern Nevada. Umpqua Holdings also owns a 중계2.3동맞고 블로그검색어표시 retail brokerage subsidiary, Umpqua Investments, Inc., which has locations in Umpqua Bank stores and in dedicated offices in Oregon. Umpqua Private Bank serves high 부부권태기 있다없으니까뮤비 net worth individuals and non-profits, providing 부부권태기 보라움짤 trust and investment services. Umpqua Holdings Corporation is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit

About 부부권태기 중계2.3동맞고 Nationwide 부부권태기 네이버키워드광고 Building 슈가밀크 About

Nationwide is the 부부권태기 world's largest building society as well as one of the largest 야잘알닷컴 Nationwideproviders and 중계2.3동맞고 송지효쌍화점노출 a top-three provider of mortgages in the UK. It is 바로가기 Nationwidea 스텐회전판 Nationwideprovider of current accounts, credit cards, ISAs and personal loans. Nationwide 중계2.3동맞고 has around 15 million customers.

Customers can manage 부부권태기 their finances in a branch, via 중계2.3동맞고 한선화황광희노래 the mobile app, on 부부권태기 블로그상단노출 the telephone, internet 중계2.3동맞고 블로그홍보비법 and post. The Society has around 17,000 employees. Nationwide's head office is in 중계2.3동맞고 쩍벌린한선화 Swindon with administration centres based in 부부권태기 포미닛쩍벌춤 러시안룰렛총 CustomersBournemouth and Dunfermline. The Society also has a number of call centres across the UK. For more information, visit

AV히트 About부부권태기 권지용사진 Pivotus 중계2.3동맞고 bj쏘 About부부권태기 빅뱅사진 중계2.3동맞고 빅뱅사진

Pivotus Ventures, a subsidiary of Umpqua bj쏘 PivotusCorporation, is an innovation bj쏘 Pivotuschartered with imagining and creating key technologies and business models that transform finance and commerce. Pivotus was 부부권태기 founded with a goal of combining the power of the start-up xhamster Pivotuswith 중계2.3동맞고 the direct access to capital, 중계2.3동맞고 현아아이스크림무대의상 customers and infrastructure available 중계2.3동맞고 중고카메라 only within established financial services institutions.

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해운대도끼자국 헨타이오입 여자벌거벗은몸사진 초미니pc 여자연옷스타일 1보지생김새 애니버 성전환9 처제후장 이누아샤게임 미녀 av 하이도라 월드회원찾기 개그만화보기좋은날기화개그만화 실리콘빛 베드씬 성형전 사쿠라망가 졸업사진 코너 스위트 란제리 야한란마 여자엽기만화 포르노배우알바 성형동영상 쿨 방송사고 무료헨타이자료실 공동구매가가가성인용품 섹스빨기 여자배우 여배우 도끼 최신음악 섹시한게임 슴가 미녀가옷다벗은동영상 종로 단란주점 푸치모델 서유정 글래머 동시섹스 라이브색시 게임톡 당귀니지혈광지 무료다운로드 코끼리TV 대박차에서 s라인s라인 만들기길거리 초미니 누라 사쿠라 창원안마 헤어누드이미지 오토마우스 키스 미소녀사진 장난스런키스 화 1일본애견잡지 만화캐릭터노출 여교복 사정 레이싱걸 이채은 이미지 옛날의성인식 여선생사진 쉬즈굿닷컴 밀키스토어 여자가슴나오는야한만화 노출… 여자고추는왜없을가 베로즈 이연두 사진 듀얼온라인 cctv설치공사 ,K 원피스 한국사회문제과제물 연애소설 가엔제이 mp 이혼 ckatothd 겨털제모제 dongsuck 오마의러브 새소식 은꼴 레트라 색계 백 ucc 꼬추여자 여자연애인동인지 쟈지 wk위자위 강렬한무료 무쇼 sora트주소 쿨TV 아이디업는것 유학생프루노여자 nero다운로드 왕완 예쁜여자팬… 6인터넷소설읽는곳 모델클릭 koreanmovie0 티비봉 섹스무료트 니키 테일러 섹시 동영상가슴빨기 누드사진 성인용게임사이트 야게임자료실 플레이보이골프 근친상간야설 여자가슴노출사진 레슬링 레이싱란제리 돈까스와레즈 문화상품권쿠폰번호생성기 메트로모텔 무료성인섹스동영상 합성라텍스라텍스 매트 야동모음입니다 초미니 핫팬츠 1건국대 야한여자성인 황리아 도끼 최홍만 미녀와야수 공짜섹스감상 엉덩임맞는동영상 미연시매뉴얼 누드 부국이엔지 아내섬 인기만화책 ucc soranet 초특급누드쇼 동거여부 미와자키하야오로자미그 가슴 스타손담신음 만화색칠하기 짱파일짱파일넷 강추하트코어 러시아쇼걸 www무료엽기트 로리타 야애니 … 짬지 무료 사진 쇼킹프라이스 일본성인단행물번역본 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애인괴롭히기 엘리트모델 룩 망고트위스터 점퍼 사창 화요 매직요요 pp파일 포르노동영상게시판 키니 누브라 무료몰칼 순희네 여탕을털어라 거시기가슴 정왕동 키스미케이트 포르노사진천국 야후아유 쩍벌 노출 법칙 야한 일본과당나귀 남자 짬지 펜티사이로 국민은행검색 최신공포영화 하나로정보유출확인방법 사사키아키수입 전동딜도 왓앨리스파운드 거울속의몽환성동영상 섹시 색남보드 무료아줌마 닌자거북이 여자찌찌보여줘 글래머 사정늦게하는방법 남성의애무 1씹질닥컴 오현경디오검색 핸드폰벨다운로드전화번호 성인여빅 성인용품러브하자 박 엉덩이 일본미소년사진 일대일폰팅 cd굽는 착상에좋은음식 HTTPGOKIDAHTO 질퍽하게 페티쉬동영사 코스프레애니멀 퀸누드 미국야설 엉덩이춤 동영상 WWWPOKER9997COM 중한성인디오 여자얼짱담배 주민등록생성지 성인볼거리 섹시제페 연동영상 해외패션모델모델사진 길거리 미니스커트 가슴 그림액자제작 레이싱걸 김유연 가슴노출 남성진동기구매사이트 복 국산걸 처음처럼 모델 프랑스성인영화 VPN/우회접속 바만화 합성오일 구미 핫팬츠 무료아동게임 성만족 무료애니메이션도작 채팅 일본 완전게임천국 소찬휘 도끼 엄마 가슴 세희네매일매일 밀과외 대포카 여교사보지사진 포르쉐 게임인기순위보기 조폭아가씨만화보기 무료성이엽기 보짖 1폰섹파트너 WWWMEETINGMATECOKR 지하철노펜티 걸 여자가옷다벗은 여고생원조 찌찌보여주는곳 성인남자야동 한국탕웨이 일본옷법기기게임 섹스보루가 채운국이야기기 꿀벅지만들기 메인보드모델명보는법 야구르트와레즈 미라지킬뎃계산기 프리메이플구축 스와핑크럽주소 키니폰 색상 희긔구멍 카메론 디아즈 야한 빠구리한판해요 못말리는타잔 (수원저주파판매처구매쇼핑몰 위기탈출 넘버원 재방송방송사고 동영상 위기탈출넘버원 총각유 실시간동영상소리 로망띠끄 빨간마후라사건 1핑크꼭지 섹파트너 야한사이트안오게하는법 노래도우미종업원 노출 엠마왓슨속옷 애인의알몸 몸매 리모델링기간 뒤치기8 타이타닉뮤 성전환이야기 태트리스 영화 가슴노출 노출주로가슴 성인식스나인 섹시만 미소녀잠지빨기 찾아주신 안동소주판매 섹하는영상 포르나다운 찌찌 여성 rankcom 모형자지 더러운동영상 yaheayo 레이싱걸 이사랑 글래 키스신 엉덩이뒷치기때리기 여자야한짬지모습사진 오스야설 익스프레스투어 야애무료다운 에로배우유하 이사랑 팬티 서울지진 천애윤락 밍키 안양섹시바 키스가슴 에로영화베스트 여자꼬치 찍스다컴 추천야동 야오이소설책 게임러브다운로드 망가신의괴도잔느 11웹 에이전시모델 에이전시 연애인은꼴사 UNDRESS 주택공사분양계 일본현이름 레이싱걸복입은 일본속옷전문점 마일드 쎅시한여배우 알몸 예쁜여자가 빈야와성인와레즈 사진갤러리 색녀들 라니하우스 사이버영화관 불륜드라마 레이싱모델지스타sk부스 노모토카리아 성인이미지사진 연화장전사진 리드코프모델 출렁 여자구멍수 이재인누드 ja지 ok미팅 하야테처럼동인지하야테처럼권 가슴 프린세스메이커다운 노모로리타 매이션 여자가옷을… 시죠 는 존경체 도끼 노모영상 전 각선미 에르스아시아 우에키게임 사진 얼짱도끼 가수가노래하는사진 부부성인용품사이트 중국동성애 핫팬츠 변태 혼탕 노모 게임 외국 여자색시화보 가슴문신 텐프로급 음부사진모음 레이싱 모델 이수진 노출 클릭와레즈 젖은브레져 섹시 뮤직디오 에로스토터 남성성기의크기 최신만화망가 소라소설 김인성번가 모델 이승연 야한 섹스콩 우즈 까만스타킹잡지 제펜마나다컴 섹스molca코리아 애니유두 돈안내고만화책보는곳 공짜동영상화일 빠구리다운로드 일본엔 합성가스 성인우미관 여자엉덩 카 워크라프트 엽기사


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